The Keys to Satisfied Customers. The Sufferfest’s David McQuillen

The role of customer experience design in satisfying customers

CX404 was very excited to have a chance to speak to David McQuillen as he has almost 18 years in customer experience. He spent many years at Credit Suisse in Europe and more recently at OCBC in Singapore heading customer experience programs. In this podcast he shares some of his insights into what really plays a role in making customers happy both online and off.

Customer Experience Programs in Financial Institutions

David had spent over 18 years in the customer experience programs in many different regions of the world including an 10 year stint at Credit Suisse and 3 years at OCBC Bank in Singapore. He realised quickly that those large financial institutions knew well how to build powerful strategies but they were struggling with how to interact with customers. Those touch points needed to be looked at at how they influenced the customer experience.

Having worked in Europe and in Asia what differences have your seen?

DMcQ: Customers are pretty much all the same. Tone of voice perhaps and some formalities but in general what everyone whats is pretty much all the same every around the world. Bigger differences are found in the company cultures. Europe and North America may be more focused on process and improvements but those companies in Asia are extremely hungry and will perhaps be taking over those places the others had held.

Are those companies in Asia that much more nimble?

DMcQ: Well, take this example. When I was in Switzerland I would propose a customer experience program there and the initial reaction would be ‘no’ for which I would take it as a ‘maybe’. Then I would spend the next 6 months working the politics to get it to ‘yes’. That is just the way it is done. So, when I came to this large bank in Singapore and put forward another program the reaction was ‘what took you so long?’. Good ideas there are jumped on and implemented as soon as possible.

Why can’t companies keep up with the customer of today?

DMcQ: Customers are fairly easy to keep up with. Just pay attention, listen to what they are saying. They are too consumed with their competitors and with their internal distractions, role playing. This is exaggerated when there is no clear focus on customers. At OCBC we were able to build a group which was customer centric market research, experience design, training, analytics and customer service/contact center all within one function.

Until companies realise that these functions work best together, they will not be able to keep up with their customers

Chief Suffering Officer at The Sufferfest

The Sufferfest is a totally online business selling cycling training videos and clothing. Here I am the guy on the front line handling the entire process.TheSufferfest1

Being honest, approachable company that does the right thing. This builds a lot of good will among your customers. They will then be more forgiving of you when you do screw up, as you eventually will.

I see how companies create a Facebook page and puts things out there and never reply to those on their page. At The Sufferfest if you post something you will get an answer, even if it is a smiley.

If you’ve taken the time to reach out to us, we owe it to you to say something back

CX404 Shout outs!

David gave his shout outs to his former team from OCBC Bank in Singapore and praised some of the work they are doing there and the role it will play in its success.

OCBC Bank of Singapore logo-strongest-bank

The OCBC Bank Customer Experience Team. Headed by Anthony Johnson. Some incredibly impressive customer insight work being done by Chin Mun Hong. Head of Experience Design, Bojan Blecic, is doing the most impressive work across all channels that I’ve seen in any financial services company. Jin Zwicky, Senior Experience Designer, is changing the face of investment products in the region.


This week a blog post I ran into from 1to1 media  Perry Ellis Puts a 360 Spin on the Customer Experience on how Perry Ellis is taking a 360 degree look at their services onto the showroom. They are setting up their sales people with iPads with all the information they need to service clients while on the floor. How this plays out in the retail, clothing branch we will keep an eye on.

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