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Bank Mobile App and Customer Service

I just came across an article from 1to1 (sorry, login wall) but the point was it brought to my attention a US bank and its jump into Customer Input in designing a mobile application. You can see more about this application on their own web page as well. http://www.ally.com/bank/online-banking/go-mobile.html Ally has won an award from Forrester for their […]

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Paying Attention to the People with Kate Nasser

http://traffic.libsyn.com/cx404/CX404_Ep.005_Dont_Forget_Your_People_Kate_Nasser.mp3 Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 34:44 — 33.9MB) Kate Nasser has a speciality she loves to talk about: how the quality of the people, their training, their coaching can make the world of difference to the customer service you can offer as a company. It is for this reason I was […]

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Social Service in the Contact Center – is this a good thing?

There is much talk about corporations getting onto the social bandwagon. Marketing often or usually leads the quest with customer services in tow. While the possibilities of engaging customers, potential customer in the social web and spreading your marketing story may seem like a good idea and may even work, can a “social service” actually be […]

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Just fix my problem

Ran across this post from Tim Stevens and his rant about service being provided by service centers. http://www.leadingsmart.com/2011/05/i-dont-want-to-press-1-for-english.html He has a few points which are typical of the problems which still effect  our service centers everywhere (his examples are from  the US but I see the same around the globe). Now whether it is good […]

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