Pharma on FB, a regulations nightmare

Getting a clear story out on Facebook or other social outlets for Pharma companies is a tough battle. Now there may be some changes coming which make this easier.  So, coming across this post on WCG regarding the upcoming, potential change at Facebook and their commenting system.

I was just speaking to a friend about the challenges Pharma has in the Social arena, regulations or in some cases the lack of clear guidelines has meant that many in the Pharma section have been sitting on the sidelines when it comes to social media. Their fears are not unjustified.

Just the comment from a client/patient or even perhaps a passer-by that they had taken a medication from company X and there was side effect y means loads of paperwork for that company. Opening up a Facebook site and allowing comments just invites lots of trolls as well as those generally wanting to pass on good information.

Just how Pharma companies should be using social to better communicate with their clients is not a clear subject yet. I am working this with a two potential clients now and will see how, where and perhaps if there is a reasonable play here.

The changes noted in the linked article are directed to two industries, banking and pharma who have to deal with much regulation when it comes to the charing of information. The changes Facebook appears to be bringing in June may help this make social more appetizing to those industries.

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