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Paying Attention to the People with Kate Nasser

Kate Nasser has a speciality she loves to talk about: how the quality of the people, their training, their coaching can make the world of difference to the customer service you can offer as a company. It is for this reason I was excited to have her on this episode of the CX404. As much as I like to talk about processes, technologies and structures it is the people at the end of the line, behind the counter which will make the real difference.

Kate Nasser is the People-Skills Coach(TM) She teaches, consults, talks, writes and blogs all on this subject. She has a background in technology, low level stuff too but learned along the way that there is more there as well. She shares some of those tidbits she has learned along the way, as well as a few recent events.

Listen in to the podcast to hear her comments on some of these points and more:

  • You focus very much on the “people” and the skills of those people in companies when working with them to unlock their potentials. How did you come to this and what makes the “people-skills” component so important?
  • Tell us about a particular success story you have participated in when it comes to customer service?
  • You had a recent blog post which was about Customer Service Defined Unforgettable here you talk about how customer service is often seen as a collection of scripts, processes and metrics. Could you tell us what is missing from this?
  • Now in this online world, where customers are interacting with many different people within companies, from marketing to sales to support lines, how can this focus on people-skills work effectively?
  • You host every Sunday a TwitterChat Sunday session and recently focused on those #peopleskills in social media. One question you asked was “what are main #peopleskills differences between face-to-face and online?” could you share some of the responses from others there?
    • and there were two different types!
  • What one suggestion would you give to a business owner, VOC leader, customer experience manager, contact center supervisor who might be listening to this now on how they might improve the online customer experience?
    • if you feel spoken to here, have a listen then

CX404 Shout outs!

Kate gave a collection of great shout outs to folks who play an important role in the customer experience space, from big data to customer service.

Where to find out more on Kate Nasser?

Twitter: @KateNasser

Google+ https://plus.google.com/110736151092414539538/posts

Website: KateNasser.com

We thank Kate very much for joining us on the Customer Experience 404

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