Inaugural Episode of Customer Experience 404

Well, how y’all are? Here I go, attempting to podcast. I introduce the plans for the Customer Experience 404 show. I lay out the initial show format and where this might go. I also review a bit of what motivates me to talk about CX. I have been working across the globe for 20 years with clients some smaller and those global players all talking about how they can do more with less while maintaining the level of interaction with clients as they had when they knew them by name.

Now that has just not panned out for most of them. They have pushed customers to the web asking they find their way around on their own, often with mixed results. While the web has been a great place for many to do business, this move to “digital interactions” has broken many of the ties we had with companies. Exactly this is what I want to talk about in Customer Experience 404. I want to share some of the lessons I have learnt but also bring in others to share theirs as well. Perhaps over time we can build a collective set of tools, tips and lessons we can all talk about and share with even more.

Yes, it is probably all a bit aspirational. Yes, me putting my voice (and face) to the world like this is certainly a challenge or risk? But then I realised I was not going to achieve what I set out to do 3 years ago; change the way customers interact with companies (even in this digital space) by the year 2020. That is what my @serviceplease20 Twitter handle was all about and that is what we will discuss here on CX404.


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