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How to know you are ready for Social Media

All the buzz. All the hype. Companies many are ready to jump on the Social Media bandwagon. So, how do you know when you are ready? What are the checkpoints you should go through?  When a person decides to “get on Facebook” it doesn’t take much thought or planning. When a business opens a new […]

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Transforming business with social media will #FAIL, if they don’t get the education

For there to be a wider acceptance of social media use by businesses then one cannot ignore the biggest blockers out there; the decision makers themselves. Our initiatives will fail without remembering to educate those making the decisions. Having spent the last 2 years crossing many countries of the EU talking to medium, large and […]

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SoMe meetup IRL, Stockholm 2011

This is a different subject from my usual customer experience or corporate service offerings. I wanted to write about an event which I had been hoping to make happen for quite some time now; a tweetup with some social media friends. Yes, I had a blind date with some Tweeps tonight. I have been cultivating […]

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