Blogging 2015 – Execution Time

Posted this morning my first post here in over 6 months. That blew me away. I’ve been struggling with how, where, when to blog for the last 2 years now and then I see my saddened, hard-worked for blog site. I never look at traffic on this site, or for any of my sites or places. Maybe I should, and maybe I need to apologise┬áto those who have been here recently and have seen so little, or almost nothing worthy happening. I am sorry.

I have been pretty busy. Actually really hustling the last year in many digital places. I have been watching the trends, the movements in the ether and following some. Testing the waters. Seeing what works and what doesn’t. I have been putting real effort into LinkedIn for the last 6-9 months and seeing some real returns. The eyeballs which might see a post I write there is a factor of X over what I post here. I don’t have the data but it is just in the beast. With my 100s of connections there the chance that some of them will breeze through a post is certainly there. At times I then cross-post those items then here as well. Is that a good thing? Not sure yet.I wanted this site to be my home. The place where I can do whatever I want. I can bend the rules and just collect everything I do in the digital world. I have not been doing that very consistently. Maybe that is what I need to do here.

I post on Medium, LinkedIn, Instagram & Twitter of differing frequency and topics. That works fine and each community is looking for different topics. I can roll with that. This site is though my home. When all the activity on social media gets overwhelming or just tiring I can come here. I can write. I can post. Whatever. I have my posts here linked to Twitter, LI and my Facebook Page. I can click those on and off each time. This post is only for this site today. Maybe it is just for me and that is just fine. Actually that feels good.

I have been full of too many ideas for the last year or so. I have run into some, for me, new people on the web. Casey Neistat might be known to some but there is one YouTube video which I will link here (because I can do that on my site!). It is a talk he gave a year back but I hope you might listen till the end. You will not regret it.

Watch this space!

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