Who is ServicePlease!

Having spent over 25 years in the customer service arena and over 15 in creating customer service experiences for some of the largest (and some smaller) corporations, I have seen a plethora of poorly developed solutions. My experiences have taken me through the build up of large customer service organizations with call centers across the globe (more the merrier) to more recently analyzing how the customers really want to be serviced. This has taken me now around the customer service loop to the beginning, where it all begins – the customer.

I began it all up front, direct with the customer, working the counter providing services as a teenager and through my college years. After that I progressed to sales and working with those who had a product they needed to sell.

Having been in the contact center space now for over 15 years I have seen all the initiatives corporations have taken to “improve their customer service”. Everything from offering 24/7, follow the sun service to customer profiling for maximum effect has been attempted but still, customers are unhappy with the service they are receiving. This is where I have become engaged in trying to uncover what is good and bad customer service. Why customers react across geographies and languages differently. What is an excellent customer service?

I seem to have been on a mission for a long time before realizing this. I am hoping to reach others who are either attempting similar or those who are looking for insight into bettering their own services.

I am an American based in Germany now over 20 years. I work across Europe, Middle East and Africa and also the globe with an international clientèle all trying to optimize their customer service experiences or just make them more efficient.

I look forward to the exchange this new endeavor will bring and the new experiences we may have in developing excellent customer service experiences.

Andrew Maher


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