Customer Effort Should = 1

I just came back from a company speaking event (yes, one which pays my pay check) where I talked about orchestrating customer engagements.(see link below) Which is a smart way of saying just make life simpler for your customers and they might just stay your customers for that bit longer. It really is a big […]

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Blogging 2015 – Execution Time

Posted this morning my first post here in over 6 months. That blew me away. I’ve been struggling with how, where, when to blog for the last 2 years now and then I see my saddened, hard-worked for blog site. I never look at traffic on this site, or for any of my sites or […]

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Orchestrating Customer Engagement

Boy did I feel lucky I was part of a A-Team lineup which spoke at the Avaya Engages 2015 in London this week. Three things just threw me for a loop. Being part of the trio with Andy Cunningham (CMO and legend in Tech Marketing) and Gary Barnett (SVP and General Manager) was for me […]

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Social User Channel Preferences Kuwait

How and why certain groups of people tend to use one social media platform over another and how businesses react to this. This is a brief study of how the 3 Kuwaiti telecoms use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to varying degrees to interact with their customers. Companies studied are Zain, Viva Telecom & Ooredoo Kuwait. […]

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