Voted “Most Influential” in Customer Service

Well, I am not one to often toot my own horn and I have slept on this post for a few weeks now, but some others are pressuring me to finally let it out. Yes, I was voted one of the most influential on the web in the area of customer service. The whole article explaining what influential is and how the rankings were built can be found at this link  Mindtouch Blog 2011 Influential in Customer Service Now, what really has impressed me, to be honest, is that my business plan has come to fruition, I made it. Of that I am really proud. 

I began this journey of blogging, then tweeting, some Facebooking, more blogging, commenting on others blogs, finding others interested in the same thing as I was and following them about 2 years ago. However, my interest in defining that excellent customer experience, that moment where you as a customer know and feel totally well cared for, be it in a restaurant a supermarket or on the phone began more than 30 years ago. This has been a life’s work and I have been given kudos by my peers and the broader web. It took me over 20 of those years to realize what my real motivation in my professional life actually was, but along the entire way I was always on the front lines, always facing the music, always wanting to “see” the experience which was being given to the service provided. When I last interviewed for a job I was asked what motivated me to apply for the position and I said, I wanted to be out there, where the action is and work directly with customers. The interviewer from HR told me that everyone in the company worked with customers and I asked her, “do you”? She said no. But I was wrong then, as at that moment I was the customer, I was the one receiving the service, albeit a complicated one.

Being on the most influential list is a real honor and sign for me to continue on my road down this path of improving that experience which is delivered over and over by companies all over every day. I honestly thought that this would be an easy task. Why would a company not want to improve this immediately? They do. But then they want to do many things and that is where I come in.

Top 25 thought leader in Customer Service! Toot toot!


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