The “Applification” of Customer Service

I was listening to a CrankyGeeks podcast recently where one of the guests mentioned the word “applification” in reference to entertainment media, specifically TV and the appearance of apps on televisions. That started me thinking about what role apps might play in the customer service realm.

Apps as they are called have been developed to deliver a very specific set of functionality as one may have seen on many modern smartphones out today. Some of those apps available offer customers direct access to a retail store, online shop, their bank and so on. But what could be the role of apps in designing a customer service solution?

One could immediately think of examples from current call center functionalities such as a “sales app”, “support app”, “billing app” and maybe a “help me app”. The same breakdown is also seen on web pages and even department stores. But this is not the way designers of Customer Experience solutions approach their tasks typically today.

“Sorry, I cannot help you with that, please get in the other line….”

We have all experienced that whether online or inline. The real brilliance of the “app” method is the stringing together of related apps, having them intelligently adjust their presence depending where a client is currently positioned. If you take a traditional example of the shop owner greeting a customer, reading their state, demeaner, situation and adjusting their approach while interacting with the customer, they were just stringing together multiple apps and moving seemlessly between each. Granted, that example might be a bit dated but I think you get the idea.

So, what role can “apps” play in designing customer service solutions? How could the applification of customer service be used to allow services to more smartly move customers along the path while delivering a unique, personal customer experience? Looking forward to your comments.


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