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Social Media Strategy Course

This will be a different type of post here about me, myself and what I am up to at the moment. I have begun a Social Media Strategy course which will continue till the summer holidays. Introductions and first lessons were held yesterday and there is homework as well to complete. Now that has been […]

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Social Media in a Customer Service World

New channels of communications – are here! My professional world is probably described as Business2Business2Customer (B2B2C) consulting. I work with organizations in designing, improving, replacing or expanding their B2C relationships (sure there are also B2Bs there too). In my world, everyone is a customer but the B2B relationships are defined a bit differently. Recently, the […]

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The “Applification” of Customer Service

I was listening to a CrankyGeeks podcast recently where one of the guests mentioned the word “applification” in reference to entertainment media, specifically TV and the appearance of apps on televisions. That started me thinking about what role apps might play in the customer service realm. Apps as they are called have been developed to […]

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