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During my attendance and engagement at the Call Center World this year in Berlin I had the chance to meet with others who were also presenting with me on the subject of customer service and social media. In this post I wanted to introduce one of those persons; Daniel Backhaus.

During our discussions he brought up a concept he feels no one is paying much attention to but may be the right place for that Customer 2.0 to come home to. Here is Daniel’s post:

There are many great examples of how companies have approached social media, some actually here in Germany (well documented service desert) as well: Deutsche Telekom, German Post, and of course the Deutsche Bahn where I worked for over two years developing their approach but what has been missing from all of these attempts? E-Commerce has not been introduced into these social arenas, and why should it?

This is why I think we will see more of what I call “Social Media is Coming Home”.

What is meant by that is where do clients feel the most comfortable, safe when conducting their transactions? Where is their data “still” best protected? On the home pages of companies. Just take a look at Amazon, Zappos, Delta Air, Apple and Co. Why would a company want to give up the protection they control within their own e-shops? And why would clients want to risk it as well? No company should make themselves Facebook E(fCommerce) dependent. What happens if or when Facebook wants a cut of the take?

So, what the real problem is that when those social customers cross over from the social web to a company’s home page full of FAQs and ‘sign me up for the newsletter’ forms they are left hanging. That customer is ready to conclude business but they are met with a static wall. It is here where companies have to get to work. Making that smooth connection from the social areas where customers are informing themselves about products and services into the comfort of the digital home to conclude their transaction will be that magic carpet ride for many. The time to start making this connection is now. It is about time that,

Social Media is Coming Home(page).


About Daniel:
Daniel is a popular speaker, social media manager & coach working with corporations addressing their ‘Customer 2.0′ challenges. A recent highlight was his work with what one might think is not an ideal place to get positive experience regarding social media, the Deutsche Bahn (German Federal Rail). But there he created their service strategies using Twitter & Facebook. He can be found on Twitter @widget68 as well as find more about him at Xing:

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