Resistance to Collaboration

Why do some people resist collaboration?

In my 25 years of working with professionals from around the globe I have had my share of good and some less than positive experiences when it comes to sharing. Today we call this and the art of working together collaboration. Some of the groups I have been engaged with spread the globe and include many different cultures and languages but along the way technology has enabled us to “get closer” and gather our ideas and watch them grow.

Over and over I have observed or felt that there are people who resist in one way or another. Who hold back what they are capable of doing and this has kept me thinking, why resist collaboration? This is a point I have been gnawing on for quite a while and feel slowly, that I am coming to a few conclusions.

There are plenty of people who are afraid of the technology

This is in many branches a shrinking group. technology is becoming all the more accessible and easier to handle. be it a chat tool, email or a smart phone application. this is in my world no longer an excuse.

Some do not want to share

These are those folks who abide by the old school. hold on to your knowledge, it will protect you. gosh how many people thought that as their jobs went off shore or were transferred to robots. what you know today is little use the day after tomorrow. get over it.

Others want to hide

So many people are in roles they are really happy with but know they hardly belong there. got there through whatever means and want to keep the calm. when asked to share they feel threatened, attacked and bunker down.

Some have a private agenda

This seems to be a curious group and the hardest to identify. they need to belong as they are there for the ride. there is a path they are following which may not be obvious but it is planned. they need the help of the group to advance but are focused on their objective and nothing else.

So, knowing this helps us how? It let’s us better understand peoples motivations and their fears. This is important for moving past blockages in team work. Our world will become more and more “virtual”; teams will be formed of members from across regions and continents. This can provide the best possible situation for maximum results – if the collaboration works.

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