Social Media in a Customer Service World

New channels of communications – are here! My professional world is probably described as Business2Business2Customer (B2B2C) consulting. I work with organizations in designing, improving, replacing or expanding their B2C relationships (sure there are also B2Bs there too). In my world, everyone is a customer but the B2B relationships are defined a bit differently. Recently, the […]

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Resistance to Collaboration

Why do some people resist collaboration? In my 25 years of working with professionals from around the globe I have had my share of good and some less than positive experiences when it comes to sharing. Today we call this and the art of working together collaboration. Some of the groups I have been engaged […]

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Give the rep the info, please!

I had one of those experiences which happen all too often to others but I needed a reminder before putting words to paper. My company uses a professional business travel provider which has an online portal for creating travel plans. Cut to the chase I booked a rental car and after a bit I received […]

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