Facebook stealing service away from Twitter?

Some new data came out this week from Socialbakers showing that the number of questions being asked on Facebook to brands has increased 26% in 6 months. So, what does this mean? Are people finding the fluid stream of Twitter less than comforting or helpful, or is Twitter too slow?

Integrate don’t innovate when servicing customers

Don’t think so. I think the general frustration with customer service which perhaps began its chasmappearance among the twitteratie has just begun to reach the masses. This was inevitable. Service has not improved across the board. Sure response times and “interaction rates” are increasing in some segments but overall this is still a mess. Customer service will not be any better on Facebook and I expect it will be initially worse. Those responding for their brands on Facebook are not there to service the customer and have often little bandwidth to actually help those looking for help. Companies need to build a real, true customer service strategy which is integrated with their own business processes. Sometimes those processes were already a mess even before social walked in the door. This will only expose those challenges now to the masses. Fix the real problem, don’t just entertain them now with interactions rates on just another platform. And gosh sakes, don’t tease them onto to thinking you can actually help them when in the end you direct them to your 1-800 number.

Customers don’t care about your channel issues!

Jay Baer states correctly in this Baer Fact that social is like email when it comes to servicing customers and the walls need to come down inside of companies who are handling this. Social being in one side of the business and email support in another will have to change. Marketing who wants to manage the brand responses on Facebook while customer care handles emails will not float. The inside out view of this is channel management, From the outside in, customers could care less about your channels.

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