Customer Service in a Social Media World

This is really just so new to so many. Great time to be in this space. Some of the questions I am working through now:

  • What is an acceptable response to a comment in a social media channel?
  • When does it begin to get just a bit too creepy?

I had run across a blog post today which described an experience the writer has recently had. How he has posted a comments about a company and their contacting him via email with a very nice, even apologetic mail. It freaked him out a bit as he had never knowingly had email contact with this company but yet, they chose that method of contacting him. Details are in the link included to the original post but the question remains:

How far should companies go in providing good customer service in a Social Media world?

There are many stories of deals made, upset customers made happy and unjust wrongs made right after someone posts their situation on Twitter, FB or a private blog site. But when the person has chosen a certain channel to communicate their perhaps frustration about a product or service rendered should that company be allowed to change the channel and respond via another?

If I send a letter to the local paper commenting about the state of the roads in my town, should I be surprised or even upset that I might get a phone call in return? Is this any different when I post a comment about an airline on Twitter and they contact me via email or phone instead of carrying on the public conversation? Companies need to moderate the conversation, tone down the rhetoric at times and taking it “offline” is one way of doing this. Particularly when they are admitting they are wrong.

Link to: invasive-social-media-or-great-customer-service?

Your thoughts?

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