Big names failing at social media

Recent report published in the Telegraph highlights, again, how many of the FTSE 100’s continue to  have a lack of planning when it comes to social media. Many of them are on different, popular platforms but with little linkage with their corporate sites. Why is this? Are they just so disconnected within their media planning that the T’s don’t get crossed? Or is it more that they are not yet sure if or how they should be involved in social? I believe it is the latter.









Setting up a Facebook fan page can be done within an hour and a Twitter account in minutes. So, this is the easiest ‘I’ to dot for team members in marketing. I can see the task list from last week’s agenda; “get onto social platforms”. Well, that was quick to accomplish with little effort before heading out to the pub on Friday. Just in time.

“Getting into the social world is simple. Engaging in the social world requires planning”

But when you read from this report that only 16% of the FTSE 100 update their Facebook page on a weekly basis. And  missing the target completely, 22 of the 23 companies which Tweet regularly post only corporate tweets. Therefore missing their potential customer base completely. Obviously there is the need for a social media strategy here.

Companies need to sit down and have an informed discussion around what social means to them and their business. If they decide social media outlets are for them, they then need to develop a strategy which includes their objectives, understanding financial impact, what internal processes this will require to support all while focusing on what is the value to the customer. Once they have this in place, then they can approach their social media endeavors honestly. Without this, we will read the same reports coming out next year. Even worse, according to Richard Coope in this report, those larger companies risk losing their positions taken over by smaller ones.

Original article: Telegraph – Majority of FTSE 100 ‘fail’ at social media


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  1. Laffen March 21, 2011 at 11:39 #

    just 16%, come on get social !

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