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I just came across an article from 1to1 (sorry, login wall) but the point was it brought to my attention a US bank and its jump into Customer Input in designing a mobile application. You can see more about this application on their own web page as well. Ally has won an award from Forrester for their use of customer input in the designing of this application and the latest version was released on November 1, 2013. For all of its simplicity and apparent usability there is one feature not mentioned on their homepage nor the Apple or Google Play store page but is in the 1to1 article and that is this button:


A simple button to call the service center also while showing the current wait time there. This is in line with what they also currently offer on their web page as well.



The entire screenshot is here as well.


So sure, there are many banking mobile applications out there. This one for Ally Bank has driven total logins into bank accounts to over 30% from mobile and that is really a feat. But since I am not a customer of Ally here I cannot actually test the usefulness of this function from within the application as well as what information is sent along with the call to the bank. Do I need to re-identify myself once there? If yes, does the system then recognize where I was in the application process before? Like I was trying to submit a check but got stuck. And why is there not a mobile chat option here as well??

If any of you are Ally customers and have a chance to try this out, please send me your experiences or post them in the comments below. Just how useful is this?

Do you know of other banking or other company apps which integrate their customer service well? Let me know!

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