7c on the Dollar for Excellent Customer Service?

What is going on here?

Consumers are willing to pay on average 7% more in order to get an improved experience? This is crazy. Are we so desperate to finally be treated like we once were that we will PAY money for it? This is from an AMEX study recently released showing how Britons expect and excellent experience (I will write about the AMEX experience later). But what is this telling us?

The experience counts.

That is it. Plain and simple. The customer wants that warm fuzzy feeling when they are parting with their monies, looking for assistance or basically just looking around. People want to feel valued in this disjointed world. Web2.0 has brought about so many advances in connecting people with people, people with companies but the experience was left at the door. Web2.0 (pardon me) was designed by IT and not with the customer in mind. While it has been absolutely empowering it is alienating many at an alarming rate. This study is just another example.

Pay more for better service? I suggested this to a few clients as an option for adding revenue to their customer service organizations just earlier this year. Their reaction was, it would never float.

‘Customers are not willing to pay for this.’

Well, it seems they are now. Put your game suit on folks. The “paying” customers are waiting at the gates.

What are your thoughts?



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